• When elected as your Senator, I will:

  • Move to expand Medicaid for North Carolinians

  • Maintain and improve the SCHIP to keep our children healthy

  • Provide pooling options for small businesses while retaining coverage

  • Invest in wellness programs and provide access to primary care

  • Work with insurers to create insurance options providing comprehensive care at reasonable cost

  • Proactively and retroactively address the public health crisis and epidemics facing NC.


Medical expenses are the number one reason that people in America declare bankruptcy. 


No family or individual should be faced with choosing between food and healthcare or medicine, or shelter and healthcare or medicine, or the electric bill and healthcare or medicine...

When elected to serve as your next NC Senator, I will fight to maintain access to high-quality affordable healthcare for all North Carolinians, expand Medicaid, ensure access to Women’s Reproductive Healthcare, increase access to preventative health, increase recreation access and fitness awareness and promote access to healthy food options.


North Carolina has a duty to our citizens to provide access to health care, especially by expanding Medicaid for those who struggle and cannot afford access. I believe that every North Carolinian should have access to high-quality healthcare, no matter where you live!


Nevertheless, Republicans in the state legislature have done everything they could to weaken protections and restrict access to healthcare.  Fewer North Carolinians have health insurance, insurance costs are unnecessarily high, and the Republicans refused the expansion of Medicaid in our state.


While North Carolinians pay for expanded Medicaid programs throughout the country, we don’t receive the same benefits.  How ridiculous is this!  Accepting the Medicaid expansion would increase health coverage for more people, reduce premiums for those who already have insurance and increase employment for thousands of more people throughout North Carolina.


According to a recent Health Insurance Organization study, NC’s failure to expand Medicaid has resulted in denied coverage for over 635,000 eligible patients, rejection of approximately $40 billion dollars over the next decade, a denial of over 40,000 health care jobs that could be created and the likely more than 1,000 deaths per year due to lack of access to care. Our citizens pay taxes that fund Medicaid expansion in other states. This is not right, and we can do better than this!

North Carolina’s SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) makes sense: it ensures the health of our children and enables doctors and hospitals to receive funding for their work.  It also helps families afford preventive care for their children, which is far less expensive than treating conditions once they have become critical.  However, it only covers household members under the age of 19. I will make sure that children receive the healthcare they need and deserve – they are our future and we need to make sure that they start with the best health possible.

Many North Carolinians are employed by small businesses that struggle to provide coverage for their employees.  These small businesses would be better able to ensure their employees if they had an option to pool with other small businesses to get lower-cost coverage.  That said, these pools must offer comprehensive coverage; many options today offer very limited coverage and do not cover pre-existing conditions.  When in the Senate, I will fight to make sure that insurance coverage for small businesses provides meaningful coverage with lower co-pays and smaller monthly fees, AND that these businesses and their employees have access to more doctors.


Wellness programs can prevent serious health issues, and, as such, they can help reduce the overall cost of healthcare.  Programs that encourage residents to keep themselves healthy are far less expensive than treating chronic diseases such as diabetes. A big part of any wellness program is access to primary care for all citizens. Primary care detects problems encourages preventive care and gives patients the tools and information to take charge of their health.

Remember that states approve the policies and rates charged by insurers in the state. We need to ensure that policies offered in North Carolina provide comprehensive coverage at a reasonable cost.  Coverage must include pre-existing conditions and cannot unfairly discriminate against certain segments of the population.


Regionally, we can seek more resources through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) for funding programs to address these disparities through community health partnerships.  Providing more access to preventative care by closing the healthcare coverage gap through the expansion of affordable healthcare for all would make a tremendous impact with reducing high costs of patient emergency care and provide early diagnosis and prevention of serious illness.


In pockets of District 48, some people experience food deserts and thus, lack of healthy food options. I will make it my mission to ensure that all families receive more farm-to-table opportunities, increase community garden options, and improve healthy eating programs.  I will make sure that the NC government is receiving as much USDA funding to provide healthy eating public service programs, especially meals for children during the summer months.

I will promote ecotourism and recreation by expanding the development of walking and biking trails across our communities. I will make sure that North Carolina revises its elementary and secondary education standards to include increased physical activity AND recess so that children can rest their minds, exercise their bodies, and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

When elected as your Senator, I will bring your voice to the legislature and make meaningful changes and improvements to the healthcare for all people throughout North Carolina, especially residents in Henderson, Transylvania, and Southern Buncombe Counties.

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